Julie Saltman

Managing Director

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I help business leaders identify and execute product development and growth strategies with creativity, subject matter expertise, and empathy. My unique blend of experience as a litigator, general corporate counsel, and legal tech entrepreneur informs the strategic, actionable advice I provide to our clients on the broad range of issues they face. I understand the problems our clients need help solving and draw on my varied experience and demonstrated aptitude for innovation to provide optimized solutions that get results.

In addition to my role at Oak Moon Consulting, I am the CEO and Founder of Clause Logic, a saas, legal tech company that is building tools to automate the frustrating and costly parts of document drafting for lawyers -- and to reimagine the way lawyers write documents without forcing them to change the way they work now. My journey to becoming a technical founder was neither linear nor traditional. Clause Logic is my second company, founded as part of my second career, and I do not have a technical background. My experience as an entrepreneur frequently confirms that varied, seemingly unrelated life and work experience not only informs but improves my approach to entrepreneurship.


As an entrepreneur, I understand the challenges early stage companies encounter in developing their strategy. A successful strategy requires making difficult trade-offs and knowing when not to pursue a particular opportunity. This is where I focus my work. I help early stage founders create a strategy that fits their objectives and product or service offering. I do this by applying my deep experience executing a data-driven, iterative approach to product ideation and problem solving to drive strategic alignment.  


I hope that I can be a resource for entrepreneurs navigating the early stages of starting a company; entrepreneurial individuals thinking about taking a risk on a second career; non-technical founders navigating careers in tech; and companies working to develop empowering, empathic, and inclusive workplace cultures as well as iterative and data-driven approaches to problem solving and product ideation. And I hope to learn from the talented and inspiring members of the Oak Moon community as well.