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Entrepreneur In Residence

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I am the CEO and co-founder of Clause Logic, a saas, legal tech company that is building tools to automate the frustrating and costly parts of document drafting for lawyers -- and to reimagine the way lawyers write documents without forcing them to change the way they work now. My journey to becoming a technical founder was neither linear nor traditional. Clause Logic is my second company, founded as part of my second career, and I do not have a technical background. But my experience as an entrepreneur frequently confirms that varied, seemingly unrelated life and work experience not only informs but improves your approach to entrepreneurship.


I began my career as a lawyer over a decade ago, as a civil litigator in the U.S. Department of Justice, where I worked on some of the most complex, high profile cases in the Obama administration. One of my most rewarding experiences at the DOJ was to co-found the first Department-wide gender equity affinity group in the history of the DOJ, in order to advocate for inclusive and safe workplaces and opportunities for development and advancement for all employees. I left the DOJ to go in house as Assistant General Counsel at the U.S. Copyright Office, where I developed knowledge about management and leadership as well as intellectual property law. I left my career as a government lawyer to found a company that was a consumer facing alternative legal service provider in the hopes that we could create a lower cost legal solution for small businesses in highly regulated industries. 


I studied and mastered the iterative approach to product ideation and problem solving with my first company. When the data showed we were far from achieving product market fit, and that our profitability thesis was based on faulty assumptions about market fundamentals, my co-founder and I decided to close the business. But the data I collected from lawyers suggested a different problem existed and I had an inkling about how to solve it. Through additional research and experimentation, I created Clause Logic. My team and I have weathered many of the typical challenges early stage companies face, and our deliberative, data-driven, and iterative approach to each challenge has helped us grow and improve both our product and our internal processes. Our work with the fantastic team at Oak Moon Consulting has been integral to this positive development and we are grateful for the tremendous benefit we’ve seen from working with them.


I am thrilled and honored to join the team as an entrepreneur in residence. I hope that I can be a resource for entrepreneurs navigating the early stages of starting a company; entrepreneurial individuals thinking about taking a risk on a second career; non-technical founders navigating careers in tech; and companies working to develop empowering, empathic, and inclusive workplace cultures as well as iterative and data-driven approaches to problem solving and product ideation. And I hope to learn from the talented and inspiring members of the Oak Moon community as well.

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