Brand Development and Marketing


We help early stage and emerging companies identify appropriate market segments, craft messaging that truly resonates with customers, and optimize marketing strategies across a variety of channels to meet customers where they are.


To us, understanding the customer is critical to successfully building out any product, marketing any benefits from that product and capturing value from customers.  We help clients by taking them through a process designed to get into the minds and hearts of their customers.  We help uncover who the customers are, what internal and external pressures they face, and how companies can offer them meaningful solutions.


From there, we help clients develop meaningful value propositions that resonate with customers and differentiate from the competition.  We then determine which channels would be most meaningful to advertise on, and optimize owned channels (such as websites and social media profiles) with an eye on conversion - the most meaningful metric for any business.  We then develop a plan designed to broadcast value to customers that gets them engaging with the company brand.


We believe that collecting and understanding data is critical to marketing success, and collect both primary and secondary data as needed to support business goals.  Additionally, we believe metrics are equally important as those reveal processes that are running optimally as well as ones that need attention or action.  We work with clients to develop these in order to capture what is most important to the success of the business.