Organizational Design

We build effective, resilient, and adaptable organizations that can grow rapidly and change when necessary. 


How do we do this?


We learn your mission, values, and vision. Our work begins with a firm’s founders and leadership team. We want to know why the firm exists and its purpose. We want to know what it stands for – the belief and value systems that drive how it behaves. And we want to know its vision for the future. As we learn these things about the founders, leadership team, and the firm, we can start to build an optimal organizational structure.


We keep it simple. Our focus is on building a firm that can execute its strategy and achieve its objectives. We aren’t concerned with org charts as much as we are with establishing an internal operating structure that aligns and enhances decision and information rights. This speeds decision-making and builds a culture of accountability by incentivizing and rewarding action. Once we achieve alignment, we can craft optimal reporting lines and areas of responsibility that fit the firm’s purpose.

We streamline decision-making. We work with firms to implement a “prioritize and execute” decision-making model. It is designed to drive strategic coherence and the relentless pursuit of the firm’s objectives.

We empower leaders and teams to act. We believe in the power of small, highly motivated and skilled teams. These teams can be organized to work independently or together. There are three keys to their success: one, teams must have an effective leader; two, they must know its objectives; and three, they must have the required resources or the ability to adapt and overcome resource constraints.

We plan for contingencies. We anticipate challenges, and help organizations map out effective responses before they happen. Our objective is to keep firm leaders several steps ahead of real-time problems. To do this, we assess a firm in its current state and measure it against its objectives, strategy, and competitive environment. This helps us see where the firm is headed and the impediments it may face.


We then execute a series of tabletop exercises designed to anticipate problems and plan for them. Once we have a picture of the firm’s potential challenges and solutions, we work with it to build an early warning system and rapid response team into its organizational structure.


Our approach helps build resilient organizations that can withstand volatile, ambiguous, complex, and uncertain times.