Growth Strategy

We help companies define, develop, and sustain their competitive advantage by leveraging their unique capabilities and ethos.


What is the source of your competitive advantage? It is a distinctive value proposition designed for a specific set of customers, delivered through an aligned configuration of objectives, resources, and activities that is difficult for competitors to replicate.


We help your company grow sustainably and to defend and extend that growth in the marketplace. We work with companies that range from early stage through the middle market. We are industry agnostic.

How do we do this?

We prepare. We get to know you, your firm, and the competitive environment in which it operates. Our preparation flattens our learning curve and allows us to collaborate faster and more effectively.

We listen. We come to each engagement with an open mind so that we know your objectives, problems and impediments, and how we can help.

We question. We are naturally curious and ask a lot of questions to help us clarify your objectives and to identify the best strategies for achieving them.

We research. We research and select appropriate models, or frameworks of analysis, within which to explore your firm's specific needs. We use them to develop and test hypotheses designed to optimize your strategy. 

We investigate. We use investigative interviews with key personnel to gather facts and data that we use to hone our thinking as we continue working with you.

We experiment and analyze. We conduct tabletop exercises to play out potential strategic decisions. We want to predict and understand the potential outcomes of each strategy under consideration. This allows us to assess the strategies against your firm's objectives. We then are able to generate a set of optimal strategic choices tailored to those objectives and your competitive environment.

We collaborate and counsel. We deliver our strategic analysis in a collaborative workshop setting. We present the best alternatives we have identified, invite discussion, continue to ask questions and investigate, and begin working toward a decision about which strategy or combination of strategies the firm should pursue.

Our workshops often take place as focused weekly or bi-weekly standing meetings. We have found that these can help firms meet strategic and competitive challenges in real time. We welcome, and encourage, this type of collaboration.

We check our work. Strategy cannot exist in a vacuum. It has to be translated into action. This requires alignment of a firm's resources, processes, and values. We help firms achieve alignment as we begin to measure the impact strategy has on operations. We then identify and help implement adjustments designed to optimize performance.