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Technology & Innovation Strategy 

We develop technology commercialization strategies for early stage companies seeking to harness the principles of disruptive innovation. How do we do this?

We maximize competitive advantage. We identify and clarify how a firm chooses to create value through technology. This allows us to understand the unique advantages a firm has and the threats presented by the market and competitors. Once we have a fundamental understanding of a firm's competitive advantage, our task is to help build an organization with a structure honed to bring a new technology to market. 

We align capabilities. We make certain that our clients  invest in the capabilities that matter to value creation. We start by discovering the capabilities that describe what a firm does uniquely better than anyone else. We define how those capabilities work together in a system. Then we ask whether the firm's strategy aligns with its capabilities system and organizational and operating structures. 


Our purpose is to ensure that critical technology, financial, and human resources are allocated properly to carve out a strong position in a small, emerging market.


We integrate capabilities systems with products and services. We help firms match their capabilities systems with the technology product or service it offers. If those systems do not exist, we create them. We discard what is unnecessary and leave only what is needed to achieve the firm's technology commercialization objectives.

This aspect of our practice often leads to discussions about whether to acquire capabilities through M&A, form joint ventures, enter strategic partnerships, or grow them organically. We work with early stage companies to understand their options and the potential risks and rewards they present. 

We guide technology commercialization in new and emerging markets. Product-market fit is not always a given for new technology. Commercialization therefore must be defined by a willingness to learn and adapt to market needs. We help firms navigate their entry into new and emerging market by creating robust customer feedback loops that inform product decisions and marketing strategy. 

We build technology commercialization roadmaps. We prepare a strategy roadmap designed to create and maintain strategic alignment that will drive competitive advantage and facilitate technology commercialization. Our intent is to create strategies that give our clients the right to win in their chosen market.